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Modelled Saturday 27 May 2023

Penava ~ Freshwater Pearl Earrings 

Jeweliya ~ Golden Diamond Ring 

Modelled Products 08 May 2023

Augìoa ~ Travel Bag 

Ambassador ~ Sunglasses 

Penava~ Shelley Ring 

Venus ~ Aqua Ring

(Official Augìoa Model since

Sunday 21 May 2023)

Modelled products Friday 26 May 2023 

Loud Lashes ~ Cosmetics  

Vivienne Dufort ~ Jewellery 

Modelled Products 25 May 2023 

Vivienne Dufort ~ Paris ~ Horus Necklace 

Vivienne Dufort ~ Paris ~ Medusa Ring

Modelled Items Monday 23 May 2023

Penava ~ Jewellery 

SHEZIA ~ Dress

 Modelled Products May 01 2023

Penava Indiana USA Jewellery 

New York USA Ambassador Sunglasses 

Rosé | Ava Collection May 2023


New York Ambassador May 2023


Modelled Products 08 May 2023

Penava Official ~ Ellie Necklace

Dalmory Official ~ Fotera Pink Necklace

Venus Jewellery ~ Aqua Ring 


Aqua Silver Ring 

Penava Official 
Shelly Ring (SOLD OUT) 

Penava Official 
Gold Ellie Necklace

Featuring Penava Official Jewellery 

Penava ~ Evermore Silver Necklace

(Silver & Gold options).

Ambassador Sunglasses 

Cora Collection 

Modelled Items Monday 15 May 2023 

Jeweliya - Dachty Ring & Asheley Ring

Dear family friends & clients, my code for all my brands is VLTPT which means you get 100% free what ever I advertise yep, totally free, just have to pay for your postage :) 

If you have made it this far into my website you will see I am sponsored by International and local brands. 

Feel free to choose anything you like from any of their websites.

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@ambassador New York

Vivienne Louise Tatnell
Vision Learn Train Personal Training 

Website: VLTPT.COM
Mobile: +61407 401 347 
Personal Training Email:
Musician Email:

For any order enquiries please email the individual company :) 

"Online Training Available Now"

Minimum 5 sessions booked at a time 

- 5 Day Split Program

- 5 x 30 minute PT sessions online

Diet Plan is paid separately at $155.00 per month.

Please enquire @ 

for further details. 

Facebook: Vivienne Louise Tatnell
Phone: 0407 401 347

"Start Up PT" Beginners Welcome!

- Fitness & Health Assessment 
- Goal Setting 
- Fitness Program Designed for "Your Goals"
2 x 45 Minutes Session

Fitness Bag (Drink Bottle, Training Towel, Training Journal, Pen & Training T-Shirt)

Online training available

"Competition Specific PT" covers

- Stretching (Dynamic & Static)

- Cardio (PT drills, high intensity cardio, interval training)

- Weights (Chest, Back, Legs, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Abs)

30 Minute Sessions

1 on 1 Sessions or

20 Personal Training Sessions 

(Must be used within 6 months of purchase)

Nationally Recognised Athlete.
Vivienne Louise Tatnell.

Please note: No longer running classes in person. 

Please return to the top right hand side of the page for current online training package options to purchase. 

"Body Blast Group Fitness" Would you like to try Martial Arts out for improving your fitness?

Make Fitness FUN by learning a skill whilst you burn calories

~ Boxing 

~ Fitness Classes

~ Kung Fu 

Please note: This class was created in 2014 ~ VLTPT finalised demonstrating the class 2016 and this class no longer runs anywhere on the planet. If anyone is running a class with the same name, it is not an authentic version of the copyrighted original class.


Please note anything purchased on this website is non binary to Vivienne Louise Tatnell who takes no responsibility for incorrect deliveries of sizing, colour, style or brand. Any Personal Training services that are purchased after the physical life has ended from the Nationally recognised athlete can not be refunded after they have been purchased. 

The payments made will go into a trust for future generations to be utilised to pay for whatever the benficieries family deems necessary at the time to support the world for any federations or any foundations they wish or choose to sponsor. 

Thank you for your time on our website and we appreciate the time you have taken to read this disclaimer. We take no legal responsibility for your purchases and they are non refundable purchases related to this website. All refunds need to be directed to specified external companies that you have purchased the products from and you will also need to the check with each company on their specified refund policy as all companies will have their own separate policies.. 

Thank you. 

God Bless to all humanity and all the best on your fitness and fashion journey. 


Vivienne Louise Tatnell 

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