Vivienne Louise Tatnell 

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"Online Training Available Now"

Minimum 5 sessions booked at a time 

- 5 Day Split Program

- 5 x 30 minute PT sessions online

Note: Diet Plan is $120.00 

Please enquire @ 

for further details. 

Facebook: Vivienne Louise Tatnell

"Start Up PT" Beginners Welcome!

- Fitness & Health Assessment 
- Goal Setting 
- Fitness Program Designed for "Your Goals"
2 x 45 Minutes Session

Fitness Bag (Drink Bottle, Training Towel, Training Journal, Pen & Training T-Shirt)

Online training available

"Competition Specific PT" covers

- Stretching (Dynamic & Static)

- Cardio (PT drills, high intensity cardio, interval training)

- Weights (Chest, Back, Legs, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Abs)

30 Minute Sessions

1 on 1 Sessions or

20 Personal Training Sessions 

(Must be used within 6 months of purchase)

"Body Blast Group Fitness" Would you like to try Martial Arts out for improving your fitness?

Make Fitness FUN by learning a skill whilst you burn calories

~ Boxing 

~ Fitness Classes

~ Kung Fu 

This class no longer runs in Melbourne.